Template Component Plugin Challenge

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Congratultions to the winners:

What is the challenge about?

Welcome to the Template Component Plugin Challenge! In APEX 23.1 template components were introduced. To highlight this and to show other members of the community what this feature can do, we have created this competition.
Are you interested? Whether you're an experienced APEX developer or just getting started, this challenge offers a platform to demonstrate your expertise and learn from the APEX community. Start coding and submit your creation by the 31st of October!


  • Submissions have to be done by the 31st of October 2023
  • The plug-ins can be created prior to the start of the competition
  • They have to be available on apex.world (tutorial)
  • It has to be Open Source and available on GitHub
  • It has to be free to use
  • A demo on apex.oracle.com has to exists (that our judges can access)
  • Fill out the submission form as a single individual (not a group or company name). You can develop it with your colleagues or friends, but we need a single contact person.
  • One person can submit up to 3 plug-ins


You can win up to 850 € as a gift card of your choice and a goodie bag.
Your prize money can also be donated in your name to a charity of your choice!



The judges for the Template Component Plugin Challenge are experts in all things Oracle APEX.
They will judge based on code, UX, creativity, and functionality.


You want to participate in the challenge, but you have no or only little prior knowledge about template components?
No worries! Philipp has got you covered with his videos explaining everything you need to know!
For more information, follow the hashtag #orclapex_TCPC